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Thursday, November 17, 2011


ME! For a short space of time. Hahahahaha. I am going to MD next week- Lord willing! I will get to see my family and my extended family hopefully (as in Stephanie and all).

Anyway...I'm thankful for...

5. My job- both of them- I enjoy each one. And I'm also thankful that one of my best friends works with me.

6. My supportive family who are always there for me.

7. My church family who is full of love, what great friendships and support.

8. My friends. Each one is unique. Each one betters and supports me.

9. My pastor and his wife. Who love and support me. Who listen to me over and over. Who counsel and pray with me. Sometimes I wonder if the thought ever crosses their mind, "AGAIN?!"

10. Freedom. Often forgotten and taken for granted. Can you imagine life without it?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Looking at a friends blog I was inspired to have a Thankful post. I can't promise to post everyday, but maybe I can at least post something for each day- as in 30 things total. :) Which shouldn't be hard to do.

1. My Dad- He works so hard, going to to work early in the morning, always more than 40 hours a week, then working on our not finished house practically everyday after. Even on Saturdays and between services Sunday.

2. My "extended family"- as in the people who have let me stay in their house for 18 mths. now.

3. My children at work. Yesterday I stamped their little hands to make turkey place-mats to send home. Their hands are so small. Some of their lives are so hard. I often pray that God helps me with them and they feel the love of Jesus- they don't need me, they need Him- one day they will leave- a lot of people may come and go in their lives, but He won't.

4. Casey- who I called before eight this morning while she was still in bed- just to tell her it's been going on two years since I moved here. Thanks for being a friend. A supporter. And thanks for putting up with me.

God help me to have a thankful heart- for all the blessings I do have, though truly undeserved.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


At first it seems I "have nothing to write about." Wow. Really? Part of my life seems same-ole-same. But then there's the other part that there's constantly some event or something going on, coming up, or just passed. Maybe it's because it's not something in my PERSONAL life. I mean it's friend's events or church events. So it is part of my life, but it's not some kinda something that revolves around me-which is totally fine, but I guess that's why life seems same-ole-same. Okay. Anyway.

I'm glad God never changes. That's one person I am thankful that NEVER changes. Things have been a bit rough the past couple days-I have nothing to complain about, Satan has just been fighting hard, but GOD IS GREATER! If God is in the ship it WILL NOT SINK! So Satan can fight all he wants- God will bring me through it, He is not going to leave me. What a blessing, what a promise. He will never forsake His children.