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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ahh! Summer Break is Almost Behind Us!

Time fly's. After hearing some people at work say how they can't wait until the weekend and such I thought to myself about how we shouldn't rush time. How often can you catch yourself saying you can't wait until the weekend? Reality check: What are you thinking?! What about TODAY?! Each day is a gift, a blessing. (Although I'm sure some days seem more of a blessing than others.) Quick rushing it! We are people of time. We need time. We have time (so we think) and we'll do this at this time. Wait. We DO NOT have time. Time is not OURS. Our existence on this earth is granted by God and controlled by Him. Don't get me wrong. Make plans, take some moments to breathe sometimes. But don't forget you are NOT promised tomorrow or even the rest of today. Be thankful for all of your moments, however they may be.

Now onto how I've spent my time recently (it obviously hasn't been on blogging).... Well we ended right after VBS. It doesn't seem that I've accomplished much in the past two weeks. (Speaking of we spend it...there's clearly room for improvement on my end.) I did get the paperwork for school turned in and things are ready to go for the Fall semester although I think I may change it. We'll see. My sisters spent the night with me Monday. Oh wow. Wow. Miss. Trouble moves and moves...and moves and moves. Then Miss. Mature is upset because she's in her face then, has her leg on her. LOL So around fifteen til' four in the morning Miss. Trouble and I move to the futon. Then, I move back to the bed and move Kay to the futon with Trouble. Afterwards we all slept well..until about 8:30. I hurried out of bed and shut the curtains and put a towel over every window to further block out the light. Blinds. Curtains. Towels. LOL This was to ensure Trouble's sleep. We ended up crawling out of bed around 10:30. I could tell you more, but well, I don't feel like it. And you might not care enough to want to read it anyway. Moving on. Worked on the website some yesterday! Yay! Much more to do. And I vacuumed my car out. Oh, speaking of that I did wash my car this past week. There's some accomplishments. Not lasting, but still, they make the list. Had another VBS this week, which went well, thank the Lord. I'll be praying that God works with those that were out and the community there, that He opens doors for the congregation there as well as here.

Oh, and I also have not blogged because my computer had wasn't technically a virus, but one of those things. It even blocked the internet. I just didn't feel like blogging on anyone's computer at the time. :)

Well, I think that's all folks ;) for now anyway.

No wait, it's not. I had a "city girl" crisis the other day. LOL Read a sign at work and part of it said, "[...] make you a copy." WHAT?! Make YOU a copy?!?!!! Aahhhhh.....Aahhhhhh! Make YOU a copy?! How about "make yourself a copy"..."make a copy for yourself"..."make a copy"....Oh, it kills me. Instances like that kill me! Drive me CRAZY! The accent, fine, I'll handle it. That kinda stuff, though? Maybe I just have a hard time with it because my mother never allowed it. Thanks, Mom! Seriously! For all the times you corrected my grammatical errors and mispronunciation, made me write neatly and spell correctly. Thanks.

Okay, I'm done now.

Love Always


  1. I'll take 'make you a copy' any day of the week to be in NC!

  2. Drives me nuts! LOL Still love you guys though! ;)