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Monday, June 6, 2011

Trusting while Seeking

Today flew by! Some days drag, but not today! The plan was to get up around nine, go out to breakfast, and go shopping before work. Well, didn't crawl out of bed til a little after ten and went to lunch instead! I really am blessed. Although I don't have money coming out of my ears or growing on a tree nearby, and our house is still not complete, I have it good. There's a roof over my head and clothes on my back. Most importantly there's a God in heaven, and His Spirit down in my heart. He is always there to guide us and teach us. I have recently read 1 Corinthians Chapter 2, which talks about the Spirit of God. The Bible states that the Spirit is our teacher. Recently I've realized how much I try to figure things out on my own (don't get me wrong I know we need to take the time to study and seek God), but I had been leaning on my own understanding and trying to decipher the things of God with my own mind. It reminds me of how we plant and water, but God gives the increase. We study and seek, but allow the Holy Spirit to teach and bring understanding. I have also realized that in doing so I haven't been trusting in the Father. Basically by taking things into my own hands I'm saying, I'll figure out what God wants from me because I don't trust that He will show me. WOW!! Thank the Lord for revealing this to me! It is my constant prayer that God would show me where I am wrong and where I need cleaning. So that I can live pure and blameless before Him, without spot or wrinkle.

The Bible teaches to study and to seek God. This is very important to stay strong as a Christian, but we must trust and have confidence in God for the understanding.


  1. LOVE the blog Drea! And YOU! of course =)

  2. *Applause* =)SO happy you have a blog friend!! YAY! Love the post to it is SO true. I want to live the same way! Pure, and Blameless!Good Job!

  3. Hm...wonder how breakfast turned to lunch??? :)