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Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Step Out of the Monotony

I AM FREEZING!!! Talk about air conditioning. Anyway...

Thank the Lord baby Anna had arrived! And she is BEAUTIFUL!! So glad she is finally here. Time flys!

Had a youth get together Saturday morning. Had fun. Played volleyball and sent the ball flying in places other than where I wanted it to go, except of course the FEW good serves that I did get in. Even jumped in on baseball. And guess what?? I actually hit the ball...and made it to home plate eventually. Did not put sunblock on my face, so I am now sporting the raccoon look (at least I wore sunglasses!). Searching for a word to describe the outing, but all I can come up with is lazy and slow. I can't say boring because I did have a nice time, but we certainly weren't all bursting with energy. And we had great weather. I love the youth! Love spending time with other young people that are serving God. What a refreshment! It is such a strength and encouragement.

Speaking of strength and encouragement...Isn't God good?! What a great service we had tonight! Thank the Lord! Shouting and rejoicing! Singing and testimonies! Three went and prayed and gave their heart to the Lord. Praise God! He is so good!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

An Update on Monotony

Life is good! The past couple weeks have been kinda crazy, but at the same time things have been pretty normal. No intense drama. Which is definitely a good thing. Thoroughly enjoying the summer, simply because of the lack of school. I could care less that it's hot out. We're putting siding on the house now! Woo-whoo! Things are starting to move again. After a year, what's a couple more months, right?! I'll post a picture soon! Looking forward to Camp Meeting this weekend, and bunking with the girls. Should be interesting. Ha! Nah, we like to sleep too much. Speaking of sleep, 10:45 this morning...that's when I finally drug myself out of bed. Off to work here soon.

Thoughts lately have been on prayer and being a minister for Christ. Trying to focus when I pray to be praying with a purpose and with faith. I've thought before it's kind of like when someone tells or asks a child to do something, but has very little confidence in that child that they will succeed or even try. "Well I'll ask, but I doubt he'll get it done." If that child knows of the others lack of confidence or faith in them, it is likely that they won't even bother, "What's the point? They don't think I can anyway." I wonder if this is how God feels sometimes, why would He have any desire to answer or even hear our prayers when we are praying simply out of form or praying with no faith or confidence in Him? " Why should I answer their prayer, they're not expecting me to answer?" Personally, it would hurt my feelings if I wanted to do something very important and no one had confidence in me and everyone thought I would fail. I just wonder if God feels that way too. When we bring our cares and sorrows to Him, our burdens and our concerns, and have no faith or confidence that He will answer, especially after His word says He will. Not to mention, God won't take something from us, we have to give it to Him. Anyway, that's where my thoughts have been lately and more. Pray for me if you think of it (but please- pray with faith! ;) )

Love Always,

Monday, June 6, 2011

Trusting while Seeking

Today flew by! Some days drag, but not today! The plan was to get up around nine, go out to breakfast, and go shopping before work. Well, didn't crawl out of bed til a little after ten and went to lunch instead! I really am blessed. Although I don't have money coming out of my ears or growing on a tree nearby, and our house is still not complete, I have it good. There's a roof over my head and clothes on my back. Most importantly there's a God in heaven, and His Spirit down in my heart. He is always there to guide us and teach us. I have recently read 1 Corinthians Chapter 2, which talks about the Spirit of God. The Bible states that the Spirit is our teacher. Recently I've realized how much I try to figure things out on my own (don't get me wrong I know we need to take the time to study and seek God), but I had been leaning on my own understanding and trying to decipher the things of God with my own mind. It reminds me of how we plant and water, but God gives the increase. We study and seek, but allow the Holy Spirit to teach and bring understanding. I have also realized that in doing so I haven't been trusting in the Father. Basically by taking things into my own hands I'm saying, I'll figure out what God wants from me because I don't trust that He will show me. WOW!! Thank the Lord for revealing this to me! It is my constant prayer that God would show me where I am wrong and where I need cleaning. So that I can live pure and blameless before Him, without spot or wrinkle.

The Bible teaches to study and to seek God. This is very important to stay strong as a Christian, but we must trust and have confidence in God for the understanding.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Time Table

One of the many things I am famous for is trying to fit too many things into a small amount of time. Take this morning for instance: I have two hours before needing to leave for work. And this is my to do list:
  • Of course I need to begin as usual with a SHOWER and getting ready for the day which includes ironing.
  • And I really wanted to take some time to read my Bible before life got crazy
  • Go to Walmart and pick up a couple things (this could have waited til later but I have to ship something this morning...and need something to ship it in)
  • Run to the post office and ship this item and buy that one stamp I need
  • Have lunch with Kay at her school...which also means I'll need to pick something up
  • Leave for work by 12:30.
READY.....SET....GO!!! Another crazy morning.

Take Two

I'd say take one, but this is not the first time I've attempted blogging. Except last time I didn't get as far. Wooo-Whoo. I have officially entered the world of blogging....Now what?!...

Today was a lot like any other. The morning started off...late. My phone died sometime in the early morning hours so when I first woke up and checked the time I decided to return to my peaceful slumber. Waking up a second time, I thought to myself, "It's probably somewhere around ten, so if it is, I definately need to get up." Well, after plugging in my phone I realize it's 11! Whoops! Oh well. That's one of the benefits of not having to be to work until 1. Goodbye, painful alarms!

After a nice evening at work (no joke, it wasn't bad at all), I spent the rest with my family. Poor Haley was so confused. I mentioned eating lunch tomorrow with Kay (which I'm just now remembering by the way) and she begins to cry! "You were suppose to eat with me! I had Friday! You were suppose to eat lunch with me Friday! And you FORGOT!!" Tears streaming down her face. I began to comfort her with the fact that today was Tuesday. I hadn't forgotten and I would eat with her on Friday. Poor thing. I'm gonna miss it when they grow up!