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Monday, April 9, 2012


I am so very thankful for a relationship that challenges me. A relationship with Jesus that constantly calls me to higher levels. Honestly, sometimes it can be discouraging looking at it with human thinking. Seeing where I want to be compared to where I am. But God wants us to think higher than that! Thank the Lord for challenge. Thank God that I am not called to a stagnant religion where I am told to accept my condition because I can't do any better. WRONG WRONG WRONG! Jesus calls to a life of holiness and victory. With a constant pull to higher levels in all aspects of my life. How wonderful is that?! Why would anyone want a watered down religion that only gives a false sense of hope and peace when you can have an all-out relationship with Jesus and victory over the world and Satan. Thank the Lord for truth! and thank God for the challenge (and the strength and grace to live up to each one)!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pickles on Grilled Cheese with Ranch Dressing

I wonder if that would taste good. Pickles. Cheese. Ranch. I will have to try one day.

Life is busy. Really busy. The past couple days have flown by. Probably because of the upcoming trip and the one I just returned from. Youth Camp was wonderful. I think most everyone enjoyed themselves, if not all. Service Sunday morning was blessed. I was encouraged with the thought that no matter what Satan tries to oppress us with, no matter what he does, WE ARE VICTORIOUS! Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. We have victory over Satan, we do not have to be defeated. Looking around and thinking of what God has done in the lives of other young people- what an encouragement. A broken heart, the loss of a best friend, struggles and tests, circumstances. Jesus KNOWS how we feel- and even more through HIM we can have victory over those feelings and circumstances!

Pray for the people of Haiti. We will be leaving on our trip soon. When I think of it, I wonder how God could use ME?! Who am I? Why not someone "better"? God has been faithful to remind me that He is not limited. I'm no one special, I have no superior abilities, yet God can take a nobody and use them. How awesome is God?! All He needs is a VESSEL! He does not need someone who in my thinking would be "more suited". He needs a willing vessel. How often does God take His children and lead them to actions that they themselves would not think they were suited to do. God is showing me more and more that I am nothing. Not in a bad way, but good- the more I realize really how little I am the more I will see how great He is. This morning God was speaking to me after I had prayed. It's not my actions that make God love me. Not doing away with anything-it does matter what we do and don't do. But God loved me before I ever knew to pray, before I was even born. God loved me. He does not love me because I chose to pray or because I visited a widow or because I testified in a service. God loves those times, He desires them, requires them. But God had a love for me before I even thought about Him. WOW! Have you ever crushed on someone and felt that pain- of thinking about them or loving them, and them show little or no inkling of interest in you? (I know you have!) WOW! Think of how God feels. How did God feel when I was so far from Him that He didn't even cross my mind! Yet He loved me and continued to love me and still loves me. How great is that love?! and how nothing am I? I ask that you would remember the trip and the Convention in your prayers, remember the people, that God would speak to their hearts and that they would be honest with themselves. That He would encourage His children that live in Haiti.

I still have to pack and purchase items for packing! It will be here before I know it. I also have to clean, do the dishes, go through some paper work, choose classes for the summer semester, put the laundry away and wash another load. And SLEEP! This girl has to have LOTS of sleep!!! Speaking of which it is past my bed time- I next to never make it to bed on time!! Oh and one more thing- the color is purple. :)

God is more than good!