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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Take Two

I'd say take one, but this is not the first time I've attempted blogging. Except last time I didn't get as far. Wooo-Whoo. I have officially entered the world of blogging....Now what?!...

Today was a lot like any other. The morning started off...late. My phone died sometime in the early morning hours so when I first woke up and checked the time I decided to return to my peaceful slumber. Waking up a second time, I thought to myself, "It's probably somewhere around ten, so if it is, I definately need to get up." Well, after plugging in my phone I realize it's 11! Whoops! Oh well. That's one of the benefits of not having to be to work until 1. Goodbye, painful alarms!

After a nice evening at work (no joke, it wasn't bad at all), I spent the rest with my family. Poor Haley was so confused. I mentioned eating lunch tomorrow with Kay (which I'm just now remembering by the way) and she begins to cry! "You were suppose to eat with me! I had Friday! You were suppose to eat lunch with me Friday! And you FORGOT!!" Tears streaming down her face. I began to comfort her with the fact that today was Tuesday. I hadn't forgotten and I would eat with her on Friday. Poor thing. I'm gonna miss it when they grow up!

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